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Listen, bub, I connect with you.

X-WINE-360 helps award winners of wine & spirits competitions-guides to turn their prizes into market information for one year. We offer different levels of support according their universes,  to their needs and their networks, and connect them to almost all our active domains on the Internet, our Hub Web Conciergerie. These connections inform about award-winning and selected wines & spirits, help consumers, buyers and media identify their profiles, guide their choices online, and link cyber-activities to winners' infrastructure.

Our Story

For more than 30 years, under the leadership of Régine LE COZ, oenologist DE and visionary, we are pushing the limits on the internet because we have the most complete coverage of first level universes in the form of concierge web hub.
We have also developed related and educational partnerships to provide the industry's most comprehensive tools.

Our Martech


Our Dream Team

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Our Dream Team

We are all passionate about the world of wine, beer & spirits, that of the Web.
And more by building exceptional products and solutions that delight the winners.
We democratize wine, beer & spirits competitions-guides and we give each wine, beers or spirits that it is rewarded digital superpowers.
We like to have a drink, play "pétanqueue" or do nothing .


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